an example of  a equivicator  in macbeth act 2 scene 2 when macbeth just killed Duncan then when Porter was knocking on the door. when portor was knocking on the door macbeth regrets killing duncan and he said “how is with me, every noise appals me”? that means that all the noises he hears makes […]

macbeth regards king Duncan? beside,this duncan hath borne his faculties so meet,hath been so clear in his great office,thar his virtues,will plead like angle,trumpet-tongu’d against how he sees himself for contemplating his murder? he’s hers in double trust:first,as I am his kinsman and his subject strong both against his murder shut the door.

I stood with doubt
as two teams stood in battle
and the teams were exhasted in battle but the fearless macdonwald
worthy to carry on fighting, for that his people carried fighting with him
swarming from the west
while supplied with soldiers and supplies
he smiled thinking he will be victorious 
he showed up killing people like they were his whore but all so weak
for brave Macbeth showed up he deserved his name
Not worried about danger or luck in battle bringing out his sword
with his smoked and bloody sword
he sliced through his soliders making a path when he faced macdonwald
macbeth killed him before the even shook hands
he sliced him from his stomach to his jaw
while he cuts his head as a trophy 

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Hypothesis: if you  add paper clips to the paper airplane it will drop faster down because of the wight of the paper clips equipment: the equipment we need is a ruler because to measure the length of the drop.the other equipment we need is a stop watch to time the the drop if the paper […]

In the beginning of the play soothsayer said “beware the ides of march” to ceaser this means that he is warning ceaser of the ides of march but ceaser did not care and this is fate that he did not listen to soothsayer .then in act 3 scene 1 ceaser died from the conspirators in […]

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